Finding similar users based on the use of apps

Partner(s):Fuller, Inc.

Researcher(s):Yuxuan Yang (Supervisor: Maiko Shigeno)

Demonstration Research into the Effect of Facial Recognition Automatic Doors for Reducing the Workload of Nursery Staff

Partner(s):University of Tsukuba Yurinoki Day-Care Center

Researcher(s):Nao Kasai (Supervisors: Yukie Sano, Masaki Onishi, Hiroyasu Ando)

Investigation into Setting Hub Hierarchy From a Wide Area Perspective Focusing on Deviations From Reality


Researcher(s):Yu Shimoyama (Supervisor: Mamoru Taniguchi)

The Potential for Transformation of Activities Within a Vehicle Produced by Autonomous Driving – Focusing on Time Value when Traveling


Researcher(s):Ryoko Komatsuzaki (Supervisor: Mamoru Taniguchi)

Effect of Elimination of Electricity Poles from the Viewpoint of Disaster Mitigation and Off-grid Power Supply – Using Electricity Pole Positional Data for the South of the Prefecture –


Researcher(s):Yuto Watashi ( Supervisor: Yoshiaki Osawa)

Basic Research into Wide Area Evacuation Effect for a Postulated Large Scale River Flood


Researcher(s):Hikaru Kabakura (Supervisor: Michitaka Umemoto)

Analysis of taxi trajectories using vector representation of time-added graphs


Researcher(s):Keita Kawakami, Naoki Nishimura, Tomokaze Shiratori, Kota Kudo, Yudai Matsuoka, Daiki Saishu, Akihisa Watanabe, Yuichi Takano

Does the competition ratio of entrance examinations rise with the opening of a new railway or road?


Researcher(s):Yuki Baba (Supervisor: Morito Tsutsumi)

Searching for the necessary variables through random variations


Researcher(s):Kota Kudo (Supervisor: Yuichi Takano)

Augmenting abnormal data to avoid overlooking anomalies

Partner(s):Matsuda Electric industry place

Researcher(s):Takuya Yaguchi (Supervisor: Maiko Shigeno)

Searching for research areas with early signs of growth


Researcher(s):Kentaro Iwanaga (Supervisor: Yukie Sano, Eizo Akiyama)

Will the Linear Chuo Shinkansen boost the price of land?


Researcher(s):Hiroshi Kanasugi & Koichi Ushijima

Energy policies that are really effective


Researcher(s):Masaya Tokutake (Supervisor: Shinichiro Okushima)

Effective machine learning even with irregular data


Researcher(s):Kazuki Fujiwara (Supervisor: Maiko Shigeno)

State of Transformation of Historical City Areas Damaged by Disaster – Focusing on the Machiya Architecture of Shinmachi and Furumachi, Kumamoto City


Researcher(s):Yutaro Takahashi (Supervisor: Masaki Fujikawa)